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Enjoy strategy and creativity? Come join this colorful, unique virtual horse community where the possibilities are endless! VHR is a unique massive multiplayer web game in which you can breed, buy, sell, auction, train, and compete your horses with thousands of other players. This game is very special in which all horses are unique, and created through artifical genetics in generations of breeding your horses.
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Dear Parents and Guardians,
Virtual Horse Ranch is a simulated browser based game that is a virtual persistant world of multi-national users. It consists of social game play and competing horses against each other among several other elements.
Is Virtual Horse Ranch a safe place for my young kid? With all social situations come social issues and problems. We do our best to monitor against bad behavior to make this a good environment to allow any ages to experience. Our chat room, bulletin board and forum is monitored with real-life adults (and a touch of artificial intelligence) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do take all complaints seriously and especially harassment issues. The only aspect of the game that we do not monitor, is private messages, for the reason of the name, private messages. However if we receive any reports on a particular player we do check all their incoming and outgoing messages. If we think a young player is not taking proper safety measures we will ban them until we speak to a parent. All players must abide by our Rules and Terms of Service . This game also attracts users of all ages, nationalaties, genders... and beware, you might just find yourself playing more than your child!
Why should I let my kid play a computer game? As much as I would like to just say, this is an educational game, some may insist it is not. What can a kid get out of playing this computer game? Why learning about horses! Horses not only played a great part of our history but also can be fun and an excelent hobby for your child. Horses are peaceful animals, that inspire just about everyone atleast one time like magic. This game provides a simulated environment in which they have to care for their horses, and work hard to make them good. As well, live out their equine dreams that may be too difficult to carry out in the real world. They also have to learn the business side of maintaining their ranch, to afford to feed the horses, enter them in shows, buy tack, and how to advance their ranch into a profitable horse utopia. Then there is the social organizations that are very important, that is, learning to work, play, and communicate with peers via the internet only.
Is this game free, or will we have to pay ever? No one has to pay to play. The free-access will be available as long as players do not abuse this privelage. The free accounts that one can sign up for have limited options, but endless entertainment. Now to experience the full blow of the game, one would have to upgrade their account.
My child's access or accounts have been suspended, What can I do? Accounts are always suspended for a reason, for breaking our Rules and Terms of Service . Please review the rules with your child and you or your child send us an email acknowledging them to release the account. On extreme circumstances and violations of rules, the accounts will be suspended forever, including access to our website. Sometimes on certain circumstances, we ask for an email from the parents explaining that they have explained the rules to their kids and will monitor them as best as they can.

Now when your child is asleep or away, come back and check the game out for yourself!

Shannon Cusick
[email protected]
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