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Enjoy strategy and creativity? Come join this colorful, unique virtual horse community where the possibilities are endless! VHR is a unique massive multiplayer web game in which you can breed, buy, sell, auction, train, and compete your horses with thousands of other players. This game is very special in which all horses are unique, and created through artifical genetics in generations of breeding your horses.
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Read rules & Internet Safety Tips!

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Internet Safety Tips
  • Never Tell anyone where you live, this includes just a city. A country is OK to tell, but to be safe, never even give out your provence or state.
      There was once a young lady who had her city listed and a picture of herself on her home page. That was all the information about her. A bad person saw this, then later matched it with a soccer picture in the local newspapper online. From this information He was able to find out where she lived, stalked her, then very bad things happened.... Be safe, be annonomous!
  • Never Tell anyone your real name, Read the above story if you wonder why.
  • If someone sends you an indecent or slightly perverse message, immediatly contact Orbis Games or a volunteer representative. Orbis Games files reports of any indecency with the police or appropriate authorities, as well as notify the Internet Service Provider. Orbis Games tracks IPs, and immediatly blocks the person who sent the bad message from the websites. Even though most cases are mild and just other children, we take all threats very seriously.
  • Never give out or ask for personal information (age, location, name...). To protect our users, we may ban you for just asking :(
  • Give yourself an appropriate Player Name! Naming yourself something like 'Sexychick32' will not only result in your name just being changed, but other players not respecting you and some bad person may get the wrong idea about you!
  • Do not use or support AOL. AOL seems to do nothing to control its users, and ignores reports of pervert threats from most webmasters. Anyone can sign up for an AOL account and basically remain virtually annonomous. The IP addresses change all the time and there is also no way to block an individual, nor it seems they can track them. We frequently have to ban all AOL users for one person's actions.

    Orbis Games prides itself on keeping their users safe. Although we have never encountered a serious threat, we wish to keep it this way. Our staff's primary concerns are to keep our young users safe, so please Help us and take the above precautions.

    Visit Netsmartz for More information on Internet Safety

    I have read and understand the internet safety tips.

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