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The One and Only; mah best VHR friend; awesome at pretty much everything.

The Teke Project originator and collaborator, while it lasted, and just a damn cool person. She's NOT Silence.

--Racing Star--
One of the nicest people you'll meet on here with some of the kick-ass-est racers xD

After an extended absence, one of the track queens is back! Pending her acquiring of a sponsor, I've been training up her horses and woo they are pretty!

--Blazing-- YayBlazing! One of the tops in TB trainers/breeders (ahemaftermeofcourse)
Good forum friend; we often carry on a three-person TPBM with:

The great phoaming pheph. What can I say?

A hilarious writer and sharp wit. My journalist protege :-3

[8.22.07] Hm... Haven't updated in a while now, have I? I'm currently three weeks into my senior year of high school, and stress has made me mean, so watch out =)

I'm currently working on getting some -Ex- lines public, so I've got some nice random studs (draft? Eh? O.o) I've also got some amazingly-rolled Thoroughbreds up, and am working on some more, as well as getting some with some winnings. Please feel free to pm me if any of my boys need turned.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Feel free to pm me with those too, but I can't promise a prompt reply due to external demands on my time.

[12.3.06] -does boogie-


Only two weeks left of school... Pray for me during exams though O.O

Happy early holidays!

[11.24.06] Happy Thanksgiving, all!

After a wonderful day, I've opened up a new division of Xco, Phi Eventers ^_^ -pokes the people up to new linkage-

[10.30.06] Well, this account is fully up and running. I've finally done some training, but I ask everyone to please be patient with me; I'm really beside myself.

I miss Missing.

[10.16.06] I got my sponsor about a week ago; now I'm working on getting my skills up. 100% Horsemanship, Sport Riding, and English Riding ^.^ 95% in Breeding, ~50% in Vet, ~30% Management.

Yay sponsors.

[10.08.06] I sent in to make this a sponsor... so Infinity Thoroughbreds should be fully operational within the next week ^.^

[10.05.06] I'm so pitiful... All information is up; I just need to finish out that table. Who needs to study for APUSH when you've got better things to do on VHR? Not me, that's for sure.

-does procrastination dance-

[10.04.06] I've gotten started on my lovely Infinity mares table; that should be finished by the end of the week. Criteria for the ∞ program added as well.

I also fixed all the other dates to say October, like they were meant to.

[10.03.06] Ranch links up! This week is mid-terms, so I'll probably get some more filled in while I procrastinate studying. Next up: prolly my Infinity Mares table xD

[10.02.06] Many thanks to my luff Missing for making me this absolutely drop-dead-gorgeous-astounding-freaking-awesome layout. Maybe I'll have it filled in by the time I go to college. No promises. It's still pretty to look at though...




Please note: training is closed

  • Racing Training (guaranteed to make over 3 mill on the track; only TBs) - 5 mill
  • Stat-maxing and leveling - 250k
  • Rolling - Varies
  • Vet Services: Vaccinations, Meths, Cures, etc. - Free for up to five horses
  • Item Creation - 50k for full tack
  • Broodmare & Stud - Varies
  • I will breed foals for novices as long as the sire and dam are stat-maxed - Varies
  • I'm always willing to help out; feel free to ask me questions about VHR

    Please include the link to any horse you refer to in the message as well as exactly what service you require and exactly what you need to know. Prices are non-negotiable for training and brood/stud fees; for everything else, feel free to ask.

    I'm generally pretty nice (I don't bite too hard xD), so as long as you attempt to be civil, we'll get along fine.

  • Requirements to be an ∞ Thoroughbred

    Foal must:

  • Be from two Thoroughbred parents
  • Be Thoroughbred birthcap
  • Have surefoot over 150
  • Be trained in racing
  • Have some degree of success on the track
  • Eventually be stat-maxed
  • Be speshul :-3
  • Like any successful program, ∞ Thoroughbreds will start out with the cream of the racing crop (haha crop... get it?), including the awesome 11 mill winner Sikyon, my first mill+ winner -Ex- Intangible, some rare-colored horses such as -Ex- Hespera and -Ex- Rowin, and my other arbitrarily chosen favorites, and breed for the above traits. I don't plan on over-using my ∞ brand or over-breeding my mares. Every once in a while, you may see an ∞ foal for sale, or a foal from ∞ parents that didn't quite make the cut. I might, might be convinced to allow you to use a mare for brood, but it won't be cheap. All requests must be made in interpretive dance. Jk, but they better be really nice and grammatically correct or you might as well just not send me a message.

    Leading Ladies of the ∞ Project

    Sikyon ΣΨ
    Black Splashed White
    -Ex- Intangible
    -Ex- YĆ­thion
    $5782000 (ss)
    Black Splashed White

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    Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
    -Ex- Marvel Mount 30.9693 British Royal Mount Mare 12.05 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    unnamed Thoroughbred Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
    -Ex- White Lightning Shire Mare 12.7 gaited (Local) Not for Sale
    -Ex- Sun Storm Shire Mare 22.9 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    -Ex- Marvel Mount 33.5091 British Royal Mount Mare 10.5 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    -Ex- Marvel Mount 36.8571 British Royal Mount Mare 9.95 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    -Ex- Marvel Mount 31.6192 British Royal Mount Stallion 2.8 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    unnamed Shire Stallion 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
    ∞ Steadfast Thoroughbred Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
    -Ex- Upward Thoroughbred Stallion 18.5 halter (Local) Not for Sale

    Net Worth: $70209357