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Indie Pendent Farms

Indie Pendent Farms, and it's many affiliate ranches, have been active on VHR since 2004. We produce quality horses of all types and disciplines, although our main focus is on our own Personal Breeds. Best known for training stock horses in various Western events, we are now branching out into different areas of the game.


We do not currently offer any services to the public at this time. Please check back as we often have training spaces available and are willing to lease out horses for showing purposes.

Personal Breeds

iPf and its affiliate stables all focus on the breeding, training and eventing of Personal Breeds. Here is our current list of Personal Breeds.

The Montego Horse is based off of my real life horse Montego aka Monty. They are very versatile in VHR events and have a BC of Am/Eg/Am/Eg.

Chicago Sport Horse
The Chicago Sport Horse was created to show my love for the city of Chicago and their sports teams. They have a number of custom colors and a handful of pairs have been gifted to friends. Their BC is Ex/F/Am/Am.

Bound for Gold Warmblood - BREED FOR SALE
The Bound for Gold Warmblood was based off of my other real life horse, Patrick. His registered name was changed from Bound for Gold and he was later severely injured. While the breed remains in my possession as a memorial to Patrick, I do not ever train or compete these horses. They have several realistic custom colors and every BFG Warmblood is a shade of chestnut. BC TBD. If you would like to purchase this breed, please message me.

Short Stop Stock Horse
The Short Stop Stock horse may be my favorite of my PBs. Based off of the Short Stop position in baseball, these short, speedy stock horses clean up in Western events. Each SSSH is named after a Short Stop in the MLB. Their BC is Am/S/Am/S.

Hobby Horse
The Hobby Horse is a stock horse designed for Reining events. Unfortunately, I've yet to produce a real winner from this breed, but I'll never stop trying! They're still relatively untouched so BC is TBD.

Pocket Ponies
Pocket Ponies are absolutely one of my favorite breeds. Tiny ponies with draft builds, they excel had Handy Pony. I can't wait to try them in other Pony events. And seriously, they are tiny, averaging around 9 hands.

Driftwood Horse
This is a relatively untouched Show breed. Seriously, I have 2 rolled foundies, several prepped foundies, and 2 second generation full siblings who have been sent to a friend to train and compete. I am looking forward to discovering which events they enjoy and will hopefully be training and eventing some of my own soon!

Darksider (purchased from chase00)
I didn't design this Draft breed, but I am very fond of them. I've been wanting to get into Drafts ever since they were given the main bonus in my favorite event, Penning. This breed is based on the horse Ruin from the video game Darksiders, which is a game I enjoy playing with my husband. When I saw them for sale in the forums, I knew I had to have them!! There are quite a lot of these guys hanging around, and so far all I have done is train them in Penning, but I am looking forward to branching out into other events with them.

Demonic Armored Dragon (Purchased from Zimmy)
My other second-hand breed is the Demonic Armored Dragon. This stock-type breed is one of the older PBs and they're a bit tricky to train, but I've had a lot of fun working with them. And besides, who doesn't love having a bunch of pet dragons around? There have been a handful of successful eventers and they have some fun custom colors.

Hunger Games Horse NEW!
One of my latest breeds, this is a speedy stock horse based off of one of my favorite literary trilogies, the Hunger Games. This breed has a lot of custom colors but is relatively untried in events as I've just finished training the foundies. BC is believed to be Am/Eg/Am/F. I am really excited for them, especially when they go head to head against my other new breed...

Divergent Rebels NEW!
My newest breed is also based off of one of my favorite trilogies, the Divergent series. Every foundation horse was custom colored and I've added in a couple new colors on later generations. I've just finished training the foundies and believe the BC on this breed to be Am/S/Am/S. I'm expecting great things from them, as they seem similar to my SSSHs.

Extra Large Pony
There are small ponies, medium ponies, and large ponies. But what do you call a horse that was intended to be a pony, but grew over 14.2hh? This is a question I found myself asking when I bought a 16hh Connemara gelding in real life. And thus, the Extra Large Pony PB was born. They're a sport breed and I look forward to working with them.

Custom Colors

Natural Colors]
Chestnut with Star
Birdcatcher Chestnut
Four Stocking Chestnut
Big Blaze Chestnut
Crooked Blaze Chestnut

Baseball Colors
Yankee Pinstripes
Cubbie Blue
Go Cubs Go
White Sox
White with Red Stitches
3-2 Pitch

Hunger Games Colors (on the Hunger Games Horses)
Not Real
District 12
Hunger Games
The Mockingjay
The Girl on Fire

]Divergent Colors (on the DIvergent Rebel Horses)

Misc Fantasy Colors
Art of War
Green With Envy (released to the public)
Smashing Pumpkin
Heroes & Thieves
Bound for Gold
Scars and Stories
Soul Punk

Champion Showcase

Here is a collection of my most beloved and successful show horses.

Indie's Champions
Name Breed Level Event(s) WPS Record Winnings
iPf Battlecry Medieval Warhorse Galactic Penning, Western Pleasure, Roping 557 234/112/87 70 million
{MC} Winners Dark Luck Medieval Warhorse Planetary Penning 498 136/95/57 47 million
Scars and Stories Punk Rock Stock Steed Planetary Penning, Roping 481 82/69/59 31 million
SS Tejada Short Stop Stock Horse Planetary Penning/Roping 471 72/71/92 28 million
Battlegrounds Medieval Warhorse National Keyhole, Barrels, Penning 247 65/50/26 28 million
Pocket Princess Pocket Pony Provincial Handy Pony 93 74/2/3 3.9 million
I Am Spartacus Punk Rock Stock Steed National Penning 190 43/35/28 7.8 million
SS Starlin Short Stop Stock Horse Regional Keyhole, Roping 41 4/7/11 573k
Short Punk Grade Stock AAA National Roping 145 53/27/10 5.43 mill
Name Breed Level Event WPS Record Winnings
Name Breed Level Event WPS Record Winnings
Name Breed Level Event WPS Record Winnings

iPf Affiliates

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Search Horses in this Ranch
Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
ipf Woody Medieval Warhorse Stallion 11.95 western (International) Not for Sale
ipf Libby Medieval Warhorse Mare 12 western (International) Not for Sale
iPf Wicked Luck Medieval Warhorse Mare 11 western (National) Not for Sale
I Am Spartacus Punk Rock Stock Steed Stallion 15.45 western (International) Not for Sale
iPf Battlewounds Medieval Warhorse Mare 12.85 western (International) Not for Sale
iPf Battlescar Medieval Warhorse Mare 13.05 western (International) Not for Sale
iPf Darkhorse Medieval Warhorse Stallion 11.05 western (National) Not for Sale
SS Tulo Short Stop Stock Horse Mare 8.9 western (Local) Not for Sale
ipf Dressed 2 Impress Medieval Warhorse Mare 14.7 western (International) Not for Sale
Buxton Corolla Wild Horse Stallion 9.1 western (Provincial) Not for Sale

Net Worth: $23577718