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Player Bonuses:
Wild Wides
Gallantly Gaited
Wholesome Warmbloods
Grace and Glory
Fit and Fearless
Teh Smarts
Magically Mighty
Proud and Proper
Tenacious Trainer
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I have been a part of the VHR family for almost 15 years now. I am now a Game Moderator, so if you need any help, please PM me! We pride ourselves in giving you the best quality services we offer. Feel free to ask me any questions, but please do not advertise/solicitate. I do not appreciate it.
- Purplehorse

Private Breeds and Private Lines

I own the following Private breeds:
Times Square Warmblood (Warmblood)
Descendant of Shadowfax (Sport)
Michigan Lumber Horse (Draft)
Mackinac Island Pony (Pony)
Cuppy Cake Canter Horse (Gaited)
Spun Sugar Show Horse (Show)
Descendant of Snowfire (Show)
Painted Easel Paints (Stock)
The Purple Prancing Horse (Show, a lovely gift from the lovely players of VHR <3 )
Steed of Hyrule (Warmblood)
Dagobah Drafts (Draft)
Quidditch Quarterhorse (Stock)
Kashyyyk War Horse (Warmblood)
Fathier (Stock)
Stars Hollow Carriage Horse (Draft)

I also have private lines of the following breeds:
Andalusian, Friesian, Ornamental Show Horse, Alicorn, Morgan, Mer-Taur, and Vienna Show Horse
Arabian, Tangaroa-ru Trotter, Eclipse Mount, Thoroughbred, North American Spanish Sport Horse
Suffolk, Creepy Cream Draft, Odins Ice Steed
Abominable Snow Pony, Sugar Plum Fairy
Selle Francais, Amsterdam Warmblood, Hanoverian (East), Holsteiner, East Friesian, Groningse Paard, Sugar-Dusted Pastry Horse, War Horse, Hanoverian (West)
Oldenburg, Luxembourg, Venetian Warmblood, Irish Draugh, Swedish Warmblood, Awesome Equinerd, American Warmblood, Bavarian Warmblood, Satanic Warmblood, Scottish Warmblood
Rain Forest Racking Horse, Costarricense De Paso


DAF Blue Ice
- Blue was trained and evented by the wonderful AvaHunter. He has won 76m in dressage and is the highest winning Hanoverian in the game. He has now retired and sits prettily in my stables.
DAF Classic Orange
- Orange has won 40m in dressage... so far. She will continue with her eventing career and hopefully make a ton more money.
^DAF^ Record Winter
- Winter and her partner are the first of the Lumbers I trained in Penning, and are completely rocking! They are still eventing and hopefully will retire with a pretty record.
DAF Hidden Waters
- Won the Silver Medal in 3-day in the 2011 Olympics
^DAF^ Vernors
- Vernors and his partner were trained by the wonderful Zimmy. They have a 69% W/P/S, and are still eventing.
DAF Snow Queen
- This beast was given to me by Draggy, and trained by me. She still has a 100% W/P/S, and is still eventing.
- My Spuns are beasts at Classical Dressage. This one and his partner have a 97% W/P/S and are still eventing.


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Search Horses in this Ranch
Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
{`57} ⍟ Varum v2 ⍟ Naboo Royal Mount Stallion 9 dressage (National) Not for Sale
unnamed Grimtotem War Horse Stallion 13.8 eventing (International) Not for Sale
unnamed Flaming Aethiops Mare 9.25 driving (Provincial) Not for Sale
‡ÐⱲއ Jen Confederate War Horse Stallion 12.75 eventing (International) Not for Sale
unnamed Sugar-Dusted Pastry Horse Mare 7.75 sport (Regional) Not for Sale
{`57} ⍟ Keren v2 ⍟ Naboo Royal Mount Stallion 9 dressage (Provincial) Not for Sale
‡ÐⱲއ Sir Didymus Confederate War Horse Stallion 11.9 eventing (International) Not for Sale
DΛF Sachertorte Sugar-Dusted Pastry Horse Mare 9.5 dressage (National) Not for Sale
unnamed Friesian Mare 1 (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Czech Warmblood Stallion 12.75 dressage (Planetary) Not for Sale

Net Worth: $1148892383