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National: NoNameReining
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Zimmy's Western Eventers!



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Breeding Ranch/New Main Ranch

Event Training Ranch

Second Event Training Ranch

This is the Western, Stock, Sprint and Feral eventing branch of NoName Stables, owned by Zimmy.

No services are run from this ranch but the links to my sponsor breeding and sponsor training will give you any links and info that you might need.


“There was so much life wrapped up in that pony's hide that it was mighty hard for him to settle down and behave...he sometimes had to bust out and do things that wasn't at all proper...”  ― Will James, Smoky the Cow Horse

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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
.Z♈M. Fear The Bunny? Cryptid Stallion 9.75 western (National) Not for Sale
Cpt. Spotted Lily American Shetland Pony Mare 15.2 western (International) Not for Sale
.ZIM. Dark Joey Medieval Warhorse Stallion 8.15 western (Local) Not for Sale
.ZIM. Beyond The Bullet Medieval Warhorse Mare 11.5 western (National) Not for Sale
p.ZIM. Prickly Poppie [BARB] Barb (Spanish) Mare 9.8 western (Provincial) Not for Sale
SPR| Closing Time Appendix Quarterhorse Mare 9.65 western (National) Not for Sale
Fountain Boogie Paint Stallion 8 western (Regional) Not for Sale
p.Z♈M. Bothwell [★] Medieval Warhorse Stallion 11.05 jumping (Provincial) Not for Sale
.ZIM. Catch A Wave Appendix Quarterhorse Mare 9.35 western (Provincial) Not for Sale
.Z♈M. Beyond The Battlement Medieval Warhorse Stallion 11.5 western (National) Not for Sale

Net Worth: $1559522