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The Ranch

Welcome to our ranch! We hope you enjoy looking at our horses, may breed to or buy from here, and will visit again soon. :)
I AM CURRENTLY TAKING A BIT OF A BREAK FROM THE GAME. This is due to life commitments, school, and other time-consuming things. Until I have cleared my ranch out (As my sponsorship has run out and I cannot play with so many horses on a novice account), I certainly will not be able to do anything. When I have reduced my horse number drastically, then I can take small steps to come back to the game. :)

What We Specialise In
I have dabbled in too many horses and disciplines now to count. The first specialisation I attempted was racing TBs, but this was when I didn't know the game and so failed epicly in that area. I did do relatively well, later, with racing stock horses. the first discipline I trained in myself as a sponsor and was quite successful in was halter showmanship. I have tried breeding and improving Przewalskis, Cleveland Bays, and Murgeses - resulting in a BC-breaking murgese foal. When I return to the game in future, and hopefully one day get myself another sponsor, I want to return to bronco, which I was relatively successful in shortly before my sponsorship ran out.

No studs at present - all have either been sold or moved to my Studs Ranch. When I have time to log in there and put them all up for public stud, I will link from hee.

At the minute I have MANY horses for sale at VERY low prices. Please look around and buy what you wish as, until I get rid of all these horses, I cannot play again.

About Me

Online, I am known as Chels, my nickname in real life. I am 16 and have a rescued rottweiler named Tyler who is nearly 2 years old. I play piano and volunteer in a veterinary surgery.


I have no services at the moment.


Until I have sold many of my horses, no training. When I have, I will hopefully start rolling for public.

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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
RH Sheza Cowboys Dreamgirl Grade Stock AAA Mare 17.7 western (Provincial) Not for Sale
[K] Spitfire Grade Feral AAA Mare 8.45 bronco (National) Not for Sale
*CRR* Lucky Number Grade Sport AAA Mare 10.05 jumping (Local) Not for Sale
*CRR* Chels Beloved Prince Thoroughbred Stallion 11 jumping (Local) Not for Sale
Shattered Promise Grade Stock AAA Mare 21.35 western (Provincial) Not for Sale
*CRR* She Came Along Grade Feral AAA Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
ĊRR The Future Is Orange Horse of the Future Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
Insanely Insane Standardbred Stallion 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Clydesdale Stallion 9 driving (Local) Not for Sale
ĊRR Silver Trinket Thoroughbred Mare 11 jumping (Local) Not for Sale

Net Worth: $71917343