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Player Bonuses:
Money Grubber

-Colors Owned By LEP Farms-

LEP Jump Suit*
Gold Fish*
Platinum w/ Ruby Eyes*
Artemis Fowl*
Gold w/ Silver Mane & Tail*
End of Time*
Airbrushed Roan*
Black Lightning*
Muddy Rose Dun*


  • Breaking In~1k

  • Leveling~ 100k
  • Stat Maxing~300k

  • Stat Maxing And Leveling~ 400k

  • Stat Maxing And Leveling (includes shoes and 2 events)~475k

  • Rolling Quad (horse has to fit my requirements)~ Price Varies

  • Maxing Surefoot to 225~ add 15k

    -Colors Made by Other Players -

    Bloody Scene
    BuckSkin Roan*

    Night And Day
    Bullet For My Valentine
    The Elements
    Cursed Black
    Devilish Wolf Red
    Fullmetal Alchimist*
    Blood Spattered Bengal
    Bay Indian
    Pink Ribbon
    Whinnie The Pooh Bear
    Apple Pie Dun*
    Circles Of Hell
    Electric Blue Framed Overo
    Sun Kissed Palomino
    Green Apple Dapple
    Honey Bun Dun
    Tequila Rose Dun
    Black Silver Roan w/ Orange mane and tail
    Black Spirit Wolf
    Western Pride


  • If you breed with one of my stallies DO NOT USE: PTD, P&P, -G-, or LËP!!! You know at first I was ok whatever now im just angry.
  • Please do NOT breed your unmaxxed mares to my stallies. This will cause them to go off the market.
  • Please do not overbreed my colors
  • Please do not send me messages that are written like "wht is te prce fr yr hrse?" I will not respond.
  • If you have a question just ask
  • Bid REASONABLY not 200k for a custom color
  • If you DARE to even steal a word off this layout I will hunt you down and eat you!!! Got IT!!?? Filly spent time and effort to make a great layout!

  • -Friends-

  • Nomad

  • Rhyme

  • Jack

  • Renee

  • Aliastyger

  • Prancer

  • Zita

  • Hoof

  • Desert

  • SnowKitty

  • Paperwings

  • Kylie AKA Fuffer

  • DragonWings

  • Midnight Filly

  • Tbluver2

    To all those I forgot just hit me with a stick and say Phanty you forgot me you dope! =P


    Updating please check back!

    -Featured Stallion & Mare-

    Updating please check back!

    -Other Farm-

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    Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
    LEP Rare Ice Unicorn of Huang Di Stallion 9.5 dressage (Local) Not for Sale
    PTD Want To War Horse Mare 1 (Local) Not for Sale
    PTD It Is War War Horse Mare 1 (Local) Not for Sale
    PTD War Foundie One War Horse Stallion 1.1 (Local) Not for Sale
    PTD War Foundie 2 War Horse Mare 1.4 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    PTD Kind Soul War Horse Mare 14.95 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    Tomorrow Comes Today Grade Draft AAA Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
    Called To War War Horse Stallion 0.7 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    Celebrity Chick Grade Draft AAA Mare 12 driving (Local) Not for Sale
    PTD Warring Era War Horse Mare 0.2 (Local) Not for Sale

    Net Worth: $11899309