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Welcome to Deena Farms Inc where horses are our passion. As you can see some of our DF horses do not have the DF brand. That's because we had them born at Deena Farms old ranch, sold that ranch and moved here. But they were bred by DF. Our goal is to create multi million dollar winning horses that will improve VHR. So far we have produced many, and the ones that you see here are a small portion of the ones that are currently eventing.
Some of Deena's horses have names starting with DD. This is because they are part of Deena Dreams, which is owned by Shaze and Meghan - DD specializes in western reining miniature donkey's and has many winners already. If you want more information about DD or are interested in purchasing any of the horses, please message Shaze (Deena Farms Inc) or Meghan (Spotted Dreams). Layout is still being edited.

As mentioned, our horses are million dollar winners, most of them multi millions dollar winners. They are all American or Appendix Quarterhorses, and most of them are trained for eventing in Reining. The horses that are at this ranch are the current ones that are eventing. If you would like to purchase a horse, read below.
Purchases - The foals bred from Shaze's eventers are for sale (every second 'batch') in the forums. When there is an auction for them, the link will be posted here. That is the only way to purchase them. If you would like to purchase spare stock from Shaze, go to Deena Farms Holding or Deena Farms Sales and bid on any of the horses there. If you do not message Shaze to say that you bid, your bid will not be accepted. Do NOT message Shaze at this ranch for bids, message the ranch that holds the horse that you bid on

CK Princess Miniature Donkey$22,000,000+
Name Here Breed HereWinnings Here
Name Here Breed HereWinnings Here
Name Here Breed HereWinnings Here

Deena Farms Holding
Deena Farms Sales
Deena Farms Training

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Personal Pictures – 500k+
Banners – 500k+
Lineart – 2mil+
Leveling – 100k
If you need any other services please message Shaze, as these are only a few of the services that Deena Farms Inc offers.
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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
DF Cold Reality Appendix Quarterhorse Mare 0.8 (Local) Not for Sale
DF Sinister Warrior Appendix Quarterhorse Stallion 9.95 western (Local) Not for Sale
DF Sala Montana Appendix Quarterhorse Mare 11.4 western (Local) Not for Sale
DF Chance Dancer American Quarterhorse Mare 10.7 western (Local) Not for Sale
DF Dune Chance American Quarterhorse Mare 0.8 (Local) Not for Sale
DF Austin Seeker American Quarterhorse Mare 10.55 western (Local) Not for Sale
PR Radical Chance American Quarterhorse Stallion 9.7 western (Local) Not for Sale
DF Beat Ya There American Quarterhorse Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
DF Kash Desire American Quarterhorse Stallion 17.15 western (Local) Not for Sale
DF Tropicana American Quarterhorse Stallion 10.55 western (Local) Not for Sale

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