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NOTE: Low priced studs aren't listed on the list below.

Here you can find all of RJR's brooodmares. Here you can find all of RJR's stallions. Here you can find all of RJR's foals and horses waiting to be shown. This is the link to the main ranch. Please click here to view any services I have to offer currently.

About RJR

Welcome to Rocking J Ranch. Home to multi-million dollar earning Paints, AQH, ApQH, and Grade Stocks. Our goal is to breed some of the best and high earning western stock horses. We have a great deal of champion horses already including 75 mil earners. We make sure all our horses have some of the best barrel racing lines that can be found on VHR. So please take a look around and message me if you have any questions.

Feel free to look around. Scroll over the links above and a breif description will pop up. Not all of my ranch links are listed. If you want to view the complete list, please click on the "Services" link above. This will link you to my main ranch which has every ranch link listed near the bottom.

Below you will find my Stud chart. This lists all the horses that can be found on this ranch and also includes information about each. This saves you the hassle of having to look through every horse for stats, color, or earnings. If you have any questions or you are interested in breeding please message me.

My own personal studs are organized in how much they have earned highest to lowest. However, studs that are 5k or 10k are NOT listed on the list.

NameBreedColorStats (St/Int/Sp/End)EarningsFor stud?Stud Fee
RJR Legendary TreasureAQHBlack RoanEx/Sup/Phen/Fan$76,917,500NoN/A
[W3] LegacyApQHIvoryEx/Ex/Inco/Fan$39,645,000Yes$5 mil
TAM Dunbars GoldPaintBrindleFan/Ex/Am/Ex$28,600,500Yes$4.5 mil
RJR Obvious WorldAQHDappled BuckskinAm/Sup/Phen/Fan$23,088,750Yes, stats only.$4.5 mil
[CF] WimpyAQHChestnutEx/Fan/Am/Fan$21,230,000Private TreatyN/A
Ss Addictive ShadowAQHBayEx/Fan/Am/Fan$8,457,500Yes$4 mil
.JJ.Morning DewGrade Stock AAAGreyAm/Ex/Phen/Ex$2,084,158Yes$2 mil
MLS Black IceAQHBlackEx/Ex/Am/Sup$1,406,260Yes$1 mil
RJR Smudged IconPaint *Pure*Tri-Colored PintoEg/Vg/Fan/Sup$767,526Yes$5 mil
FWRs Winter StormGrade Stock AAAGreyAm/Ex/Phen/Am$487,500Yes$2 mil
PA Stolen GoodsPaint *Pure*Blond SorrelFan/Vg/Am/Fan$265,025Yes$5 mil
Moonlit SpectrePaintHoney Bun DunEx/Ex/Am/Ex$222,463Yes, stats only.$600k
Butter Model ManAQHButtermilk BuckskinEx/Sup/Am/Fan$141,991Yes$3 mil
Contrasts Synchronous PrizeThoroughbredLiverEx/Ex/Inco/Ex$9,031Yes$500k
Scarlet Oaks Quanitam ClassicPaintRed White & Blue RoanEx/Ex/Ex/Ex$7,073Yes, stats only.$500k
KC Last BreathPaintBlack DeathFan/Sup/Ex/Ex$3,750Yes, stats only.$200k
**Ks*** Abstraktional SilenceThoroughbredChampagneEx/Sup/Inco/Ex$3,150Yes$100k
RJR Castle Of ChaosPaintGreen Apple DappleEx/Fan/Am/Ex$0Yes, stats only.$200k
RJR Stone TigerGrade Stock AAALiver BayPhen/Am/Phen/Phen$0Yes$5 mil
Sizzlin Demon FingerPaintCremelloEx/Ex/Am/Ex$0Yes$200k
.:MBS:. HandymanPaintCharocoal DunEx/Ex/Am/Ex$0Yes$200k
.JJ.Pet SemataryAQHPeanut Butter DunInco/Sup/Am/Fan$0Yes$300k
Tears of Legends (JO)AQHDing DongEx/Ex/Am/Sup$0Yes, stats only.$2 mil
RJR Mini Scare FactorSpooky Shetland *Pure*BlackVg/Fan/Fg/Fan$0Yes$1.5 mil
RJR Feathered RoanPlagued Pegasus *Pure*RoanSup/G/Sup/Eg$0NoN/A
HP CelticPlagued Pegasus *Pure*BlackEx/Vg/Phen/Fan$0NoN/A
RJR LimeKathiawari *Pure* Peanut Butter DunVg/Sup/Sup/Fan$0Yes$4 mil
RJR PassendesAwesome Equinerd *Pure*DunF/F/Fg/G$0Yes$2.5 mil
RJR Concrete FoundationQuarter Pony *Pure*Sooty BuckskinEg/Eg/Eg/Vg$0Yes$5 mil
RJR FishSaddlebred *Pure*Buttermilk BuckskinVg/Eg/G/Eg$0Yes$TBA
Rum.and.CokeKustanai *Pure*Seal BrownAm/Ex/Ex/Am$0Yes$250k

Non Ranch Related Stud Pricing
Now in effect.

-Rolled (maxed parents)- 10k
-Roll Prepped (maxed parents)- 9k
-Rolled (one maxed parent) - 5k
-Roll prepped (one maxed parent)- 4k
-Rolled (no maxed parents)- 2k
-Roll prepped (no maxed parents)- 1k

Search Horses in this Ranch
Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
[H] Quentino Donkey Stallion 22.4 halter (Local) For Stud 20000
RJR Obvious World American Quarterhorse Stallion 18 western (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Arabian Stallion 22.05 halter (Local) Not for Sale
*SKR* Dreaming of a Little Faze Gypsy Vanner Horse Mare 19.25 driving (Local) Not for Sale
JJ Gracious Champion Thoroughbred Mare 11.6 racing (Provincial) Not for Sale
A Design in the Sunlight Spanish Norman Stallion 22 halter (Local) Not for Sale
What a Proud Presence Thoroughbred Mare 14.8 racing (Regional) Not for Sale
*JH*Sahara Hanoverian (East) Mare 8.8 halter (Local) Not for Sale
Circle WW Sweet Purple Zebra American Quarterhorse Mare 19.9 halter (Local) Not for Sale
Crossed the Dream Paint Stallion 22.05 halter (Local) Not for Sale

Net Worth: $60732882